A Look Inside, Technosquare’s Ultimate Street Car Turbo Nissan VQ35DE


vq35de turbo head
The VQ35DE cylinder heads remain surprisingly stock.  The ports are totally stock as the VQ head flows pretty well out of the box.  The stock cams are used as well as the stock valve springs.  The springs are slightly shimmed to increase seat pressure.  The valves are stock.  A precise 3 angle valve job is done and the valves are back-cut for more low lift flow.  The combustion chambers are polished and the valves are de-shrouded, just simple good prep work, nothing fancy at all.
A close up of the chamber shows how the valve seat is blended back to the chamber.  This really helps low lift flow.  You can see the simple unshrouding close to the chamber walls.  The chamber is lightly polished but not mirror polished.
The lower intake manifold is stock.  A Cosworth fuel rail is used.  The Cosworth part is higher volume than stock with much better flow, important with big injectors.  Power Enterprise 780 injectors are used.  Technosquare had to re-machine the Cosworth rail to work with the PE injectors and machine some spacers to prevent leaks.
A Cosworth dual plenum upper intake manifold is used.  The manifold is good for around 20-40 hp on a boosted engine.  The Cosworth manifold has a bigger plenum and gives greater gains on boosted and more highly modified engines.  Cosworth used CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to model the manifolds flow during development. The manifold is cast aluminum with carbon fiber caps.  The capped plenum ends are needed due to the complex internal geometry using velocity stacks.  To allow the casting cores to be removable, caps are needed.

Cheston’s engine is not a super-trick holds no barred build.  Although not exactly a low bucks build either, It just shows good attention to the details with money only spent where it will do the most good.  Although this is a basic build, it has been proven on the track in the heat of competition and it will sure do well in someone street car.





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