AEM Infinity Plug and Play Badness for the BMW S54 (E46 M3) Engine!


The guys at Pure Performance started the job by routing the AEM plug and play harness though the car.  The AEM harness is top quality and has motorsports grade connectors.  Prior to our arrival they had installed their S54 conversion harness in the car.  The conversion harness allows the S54 to be dropped in.  We are simply adding the AEM Infinity in lieu of the stock E46 ECU.


The AEM plug and play harness will be routed through this hole in the cowl.  A few other details had already been addressed.  A big one was mounting the E46 accelerator pedal.  The E46 is drive by wire so the whole throttle pedal assembly had to be adapted and installed.


The harness was fished through from the inside of the car.


The harness is then fished through to the outside in the engine compartment, following the stock harness.


The AEM Plug and Play adaptor box is mounted on the inner fender wall.


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  1. Hi
    I am about to start installing my engine in to my project and looking for an alternative option to the standard eco

    The engine is BMW S54 from E36
    Former M3

    I am after stand alone after market ECU that is capable of managing the engine unit and in the future in force induction state

    I have OEM engine and after market wiring loom with BMW e36 ECU plugs.

    My question is,

    Your base map(plug and play based on what state of tune?

    What is required in order to map it correctly?

    Will I need rolling road ,dyno
    Or simply a life on bord laptop fine tuning,

    Is your ECU have the option to switch maps,

    Is your ECU come with a relay and fuse

    And how many possible drivers in your ECU as I am planning to do away with the fly by wire throttle setup

    Also lastly and most importantly what is the cost of your unit plus shipping abroad to Israel

    Thanks in advance Jim

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