AEM Infinity Plug and Play Badness for the BMW S54 (E46 M3) Engine!


The Infinity ECU and bracket are bolted down.  The hole has a smooth edge and a grommet will be added later to protect the harness from chafing.


The finished job looks stock!  The coolant overflow tank is from a European model E36 which helps because it is out of the way.  Tricks like this make the install much cleaner.


A closer look of the physical install looking nice and clean.  Note that the Pure Performance bracket bolts right to the OEM ECU mounting locations.


AEM's instructions are very detailed. As long as you follow everything to the T, car will start right up. Anyone that can read and has some basic computer skills can set the Infinity up and start their car on the first try.  Daniel Wennerberg of Pure Performance shows us exactly how easy.


Step one is to Register the Infinity ECU with AEM. Go to and set up an account. If you don't do this the ECU won't work – AEM uses the registration process as a second check to make sure users have the correct hardware and base map.  Once you are logged in, enter the ECU's serial number and security code, this allows the system to give you the base parameters you need with no need to search.


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