AEM Infinity Plug and Play Badness for the BMW S54 (E46 M3) Engine!


Download correct firmware to the the Infinity ECU and download both Infinity Tuner and AEM Data to your laptop. AEM Data can break down data more finely than the simple Infinity Tuner tables/data.


Wait for the base map from AEM to download to your laptop, then load it from your laptop to your Infinity and start the car – that's it!  Cold start and cold idle no problem.


Bam! Starts right up and idles on the first try!  From logging in to AEM's Infinity web site to starting the car took only 15 minutes.  If you have an aftermarket electronic racing dash, the Infinity can drive that as well.  The install and start up was so quick, we were done way before lunchtime!


Once the car has started you are ready to start reviewing data and tuning.  There are available plug ins and wizards to help set up various functions making everything intuitive and quick to do. 

Tuning the Infinity to the particulars of your car is super fast and easy.  With the Infinity the fuel tables are all VE based. VE tuning is very fast and the Infinity ECU can make corrections very quickly.  To get your AFR's right, all you do is set your target AFR in the software's Lambda target tables and the cells will change to suggested values to maintain user set target AFR.  Through the software's VE tab you can immediately start looking at the necessary VE changes and Log data, based on your set target AFR.

The Infinity also has other cool functions.  For example there are step by step instructions to calibrate the drive by wire throttle.  This way you can set the throttle swell you desire or in the case of this race car, set the drive by wire throttle to limit power. The classes this car races in are power to weight ratio controlled.  With full drive by wire control you can simply limit throttle opening at certain load points.  On the dyno the car will have perfect control of power. 

The old way would have been to make the car run rich and retard timing to reduce power.  This can lead to high EGT's which can possibly lead to overheating. In endurance racing this power reduction strategy can greatly increase fuel consumption.  With throttle control you can reduce power and have a happy engine.

The Infinity also has a mode select feature so you can switch between 3 different maps.  This is really cool when running different classes, you can simply switch maps to get your full power.  Or you could have different octane maps, the possibilities are endless.

The thing we found most intriguing about the Infinity is the traction control function.  The ECU senses differences in wheel speed between sensors and calculates how to trim the power from there.  You can pick from 12 different levels of traction control.  In the BMW it's all totally plug and play and the guys from Pure Performance says it works super good on their race car.

Besides being super capable and very user friendly, the AEM Infinity is a super bargain, costing about a third of the price of other pro systems with similar capabilities.  With AEM everything is unlocked, you don't have to pay extra to enable features.  To read all the details of the BWM plug and play system check this out.

And check out Paul St. Clair, AEM Techinical Support, give us a walk through the Infinity features that can be accesed through the OE BMW controls; map switching, rev limited, traction control, etc.



The S54 swapped and Infinity powered E36 was out at Buttonwillow shaking down the new set-up at the same time as our MPTCC race weekend.  We got to snap some pics of it in action.


The car was very fast and most importantly, it ran strong without a single flaw or incident.


The AEM Infinity plug and play system for the BMW is awesome.  It is both capable and very easy to use.  We are so intrigued with it that we want to now build an E46 M3 racecar for the MPTCC TO class!

We will be doing more with the AEM Infinity system in the future, so be sure to stay tuned.



AEM Electronics

Pure Performance


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  1. Hi
    I am about to start installing my engine in to my project and looking for an alternative option to the standard eco

    The engine is BMW S54 from E36
    Former M3

    I am after stand alone after market ECU that is capable of managing the engine unit and in the future in force induction state

    I have OEM engine and after market wiring loom with BMW e36 ECU plugs.

    My question is,

    Your base map(plug and play based on what state of tune?

    What is required in order to map it correctly?

    Will I need rolling road ,dyno
    Or simply a life on bord laptop fine tuning,

    Is your ECU have the option to switch maps,

    Is your ECU come with a relay and fuse

    And how many possible drivers in your ECU as I am planning to do away with the fly by wire throttle setup

    Also lastly and most importantly what is the cost of your unit plus shipping abroad to Israel

    Thanks in advance Jim

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