Antigravity’s new XP-15 Microstart/Air Pump!

We have always been fans of Antigravity Micro-Start jump batteries, we not only carry them in our personal cars but we also have a few around the shop that we use all the time to jump dead cars.  The Micro-Starts have more power and hold a charge longer than other brands that we have tried.  When traveling we have also been using them to charge our cell phones, camera gear, and laptops.  Imagine our excitement when we got a new Micro-Start in the mail to check out.

How many times have you been out somewhere and wished you had an air compressor?  For us it’s all the time and we always seem to forget to carry our portable air inflator.  Now that won’t ever happen. The new Antigravity Micro-Start XP-15 is one amazing “do-it-all” device. It’s a compact jump-starter, tire inflator/air pump, light, and electronics charger all in one unit. It even has a built-in voltmeter function. Antigravity says it is the perfect roadside assistant to carry in your car or to keep in your garage to jump-start vehicles with dead batteries, inflate tires, or fast charge or power your USB phones, tablets, or any other USB device with its USB-C PD 60w charging ability.

The XP-15 features a battery-saving automatic power-off when not in use; or it can be turned off manually.  Its onboard electronics feature built-in protections for over-charge, over-discharge, and more. Long battery life is assured due to the use of a rechargeable lithium battery.  The XP-15 can be recharged through its USB-C port using any common charger such as your phone charger or wall adapter.  The XP-15 is a top-quality design, with solid build quality, UL-listed battery cells, and other safety features.

The XP-15 can jump-start most any vehicle: cars, trucks, and motorcycles, it has enough juice to start just about anything with an electric starter.  It can even start hard to crank trucks with diesel engines up to 6.7 liters and gas engines up to 10 liters!  The XP-15 can charge & power USB-A and USB-C devices (PD 60w Charging!)  The XP-15 comes with the above jumper and power cables with a hose for the air pump.

Here is the XP-15 with all of its ports populated.  For jump-starting the powerful battery can provide a 1000A starting current / 2000A peak with a 15,000 mAh capacity (55.5 Wh). A two-way Type-C PD 60w Ultra Fast Charging port is used for both charging and power supply.  Being able to handle a 60W charger, the XP-15 is capable of super-fast recharging in as little as 1 hour from full depletion. With the two-way PD port and 60 watts, you can quickly charge your Apple or Windows Laptops, Tablets, Phones, or other Electronic Devices.  The XP-15 also has a conventional USB-A (QC3.0) output port as well.

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