Project NSX: Part 18 – DBW Conversion with Motec

Acura NSX Motec M150 and ECU Master PMU16We upgrade the ECU in our 30-year-old NSX to the advanced Motec M150, and ditch the throttle cable in favor of a Drive-By-Wire setup to take full advantage of new tools and tuning strategies that modern electronics and technology has to offer.

1992 Acura NSX stock ECUThe factory NSX ECU sits behind the passenger’s headrest.  Note, the original throttle cable was already removed in this photo.

1992 Acura NSX ECU boardInitially developed in the 1980s, the NSX’s original ECU features a lot of capacitors and small chips to control the 3.0L V6 engine.  The amount of work that Honda engineers have put into the original ECU and calibrating the engine is very impressive, but this 30-year-old technology is no match for the sophistication and features of a modern ECU.

NSX test fitting Motec M150 ECU and 3D printed bracketWe placed the new Motec M150 ECU in the original place of the factory ECU.  Surrounding the Motec is a 3D-printed template to dial in the location and angle of the four ECU mounting points.

3D printed ECU mount for Motec M150Our new CAD and 3D printing skills once again come in handy as our ECU bracket starts to become more refined.


  1. The mid to late 90s in between/early years of DBW had so many weird contraptions. I would love to hear about why certain decisions were made for so many parts on cars!

  2. Excited to see this paired with the ECU Master PMU16! Modern brushless fans and pumps are awesome, both in low power consumption and control capabilities. Let me know if you want another set of eyes on your turbo plans.

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