WATCH: What Harmonic Balancers Do and Why You Need One!


In this video we dive into the sexy world of harmonic balancers with the help of special guest Ivan Snyder from Fluidampr! We explain what they do, why you need one and what an aftermarket harmonic balancer can do that a factory balancer just wasn’t designed for.

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  1. I watched the vid and also read that Mk7 GolfR tech article posted a good while ago. Having a Mk6 R, I was wondering if you felt any noticeable difference of smoothness on 4cyl cars you have installed these on. Appreciate the content!

  2. A Fluidampr is a necessity if you want to high-rev a Honda K24 (with balance shafts removed) for an extended period of time.
    Proven in my race car over and over again.

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