AntiGravity’s XA 4-1 Multi-Function Flashlight!

AntiGravity's XA 4-1 Multi-Function Flashlight!

by Mike Kojima


A lot of you might be familiar with AntiGravity Batteries as the supplier of ultra light and powerful Lithium Ion batteries used in Motorsports. Their batteries have been used by us in a few of our projects and most of our personal race cars sport their batteries. 

A little-known fact is that AntiGravity also has a line of consumer products, one of which is their neat XA 4-1 Multi-Function Flashlight. This is a flashlight right out of a Get Smart episode that can do so many things besides being just a flashlight; it leaves us scratching out heads.


At first glance, the XA 4-1 Multi Function flashlight looks like yet another decent quality, billet aluminum flashlight- which it is.

The light has a 300 lumen LED bulb, which is decently bright. You need to go to expensive tactical lights to get compact lights that are much more powerful than this. The light's casing is sturdy, waterproof aluminum. The battery in the light is rechargeable and can sit unused for over 100 days in between charging cycles. In all, it's a pretty good emergency and daily use flashlight- way better than our old-school Maglites! 


The XA light is powerful enough to light up dark spots in the engine compartment during the day.

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