AntiGravity’s XA 4-1 Multi-Function Flashlight!


So yes, it's a good flashlight to carry around in your car or to have around the house, but you might be interested to find out what the rest of the lights abilities are!


Well the XA can also be used as an all-weather bluetooth enabled speaker! Yes, you can pair it to your phone and play music with it- even in the rain. It can play about 28 hours in between charges. It, although not a super-amplified high fidelity device, sounds halfway decent. 

Once linked to your phone, the XA Multifunction light can function as a pretty clear sounding phone speaker!  There are cell phone laws, but there aren't any laws about talking into your flashlight! (This is a joke.)


Another great use for the XA Multifunction light is that is can serve as a 2600mAH cell phone charging station or backup battery. This is a very practical use for the light besides being a light. 

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