AntiGravity’s XA 4-1 Multi-Function Flashlight!


For home security, the light has a strobing feature that can dazzle and blind an intruder. The strobe can also make the light a very visible highway safety marker, and yes, you can strobe and play music at the same time in case you wanted to do a mini rave.

The phone speaker can enable you to use the light and talk to the police in case you have an intruder in your home. “hello 911?”.

“Never mind, I got this”. Seriously though, the XA is powerful enough to work as a tactical light as well.  

Even though we were having a great time at the MotoIQ office playing with the XA and giggling about all of its features, we really like the light and its many practical uses. We just sorta had to get used to having a light that can do so much!

If we have one criticism of the light, it is that its controls are a little complicated. You should be able to hand someone a flashlight and have them be able to use it right away with no instructions. Well, the XA took some looking at to get to work. When you hit the light button nothing happens, and it to most people- even tech savvy ones, will take a few tries to figure out that you had to hold the power button down for a few seconds to turn on the light. Old people could not grasp how to use it at all without reading the instructions. This was the only issue we had with the light. 

For a versatile flashlight that works great in all sorts of emergencies that also entertains, you can't beat the AntiGravity XA 4-1 Multifunction Light!


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