Anyone Can Learn To Drift Part 2


Next Taka has Christa briefly try the school’s 350Z.  This car is much more powerful and torquey and is easier to drift fast. Look out street takeover VQ dudes….


Next Taka had Christa show him that she still knew how to do figure 8’s with the Z.  Christa hated the Z, she is short and could not see where she was going and ran over a cone, she was kinda all over the place because she couldn’t see where she was going.  Figure 8’s are important because they teach you how to weight transfer and how to transition from drifting in one direction to another.  This is important to learn if you want to be able to link a course.

Next, Christa was reunited with her beloved AE86.  Previously this was her favorite school car of all to drive.  She liked its nimbleness and good seating position where she could see where she was going well.   Taka thought it would be good practice for her to learn how to do higher speed stuff in this car because its low power makes it difficult and she would have to drive it with fineness.  No just stepping on the gas here!


Christa has to work to keep the 97 hp engine in the powerband.  Taka was impressed that she never hit the rev limiter or had to resort to clutch kicking to keep it going.  After some figure 8’s it was time to learn how to drift faster.

The AE86 requires a lot of balance.  Throw it in too hard and it spins easily. Be too easy and it bogs and won’t even drift.  Of course, Christa had trouble at first and Taka taught her how to do an E-Brake initiation.  The foot and arm work for the clutch and brakes are pretty tricky to get the coordination right and it’s not intuitive.  Taka’s great and patient instruction had Christa doing it in a few minutes.  Most people take a little longer and start out with one of the school’s more powerful cars because it’s easier.


  1. Nice! What do you think are some prerequisites for reaching Christa’s end of training level? Is this doable in a 1 day session? Do you think this is doable with a BYO car with an ND2 miata for 1 day?

    1. Looks like they require at least a clutch based diff. Don’t think I have that. Seems better to do min 2-day if you don’t have much experience and the rental. I don’t have the tires and other items anyways.

    2. I think it’s doable in a 2-day session. The trouble with a BYO street car is that the diff isn’t correct for this sort of driving.

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