Anyone Can Learn To Drift Part 2

Once Taka got Christa able to start a faster drift, he then taught her the finer points of using the throttle, brakes, e-brake, and clutch to be able to adjust the line, extend a drifting line to make a zone in the next corner and keep the momentum up.  Taka has a keen eye and no mistake escapes him allowing him to coach really well.

Taka laid out a 3 turn course with turns of varying radiuses and had Christa practice until she could link the course 3 times in a row with no mistakes.  After trying to drift in an AE86 I didn’t think a beginner driver could do it, hahaha.

Christa took quite a few tries to get this down to Taka’s satisfaction.  He is really good at explaining things so she could continually improve.

Taka has known Christa most of her life so he is like an uncle to her.  However, Taka will show the same attention and patience to everyone.  As I said, Taka has taught some people I know who can hardly walk right to become decent drifters and coaches people with abilities ranging from the most uncoordinated beginners to pros.


  1. Nice! What do you think are some prerequisites for reaching Christa’s end of training level? Is this doable in a 1 day session? Do you think this is doable with a BYO car with an ND2 miata for 1 day?

    1. Looks like they require at least a clutch based diff. Don’t think I have that. Seems better to do min 2-day if you don’t have much experience and the rental. I don’t have the tires and other items anyways.

    2. I think it’s doable in a 2-day session. The trouble with a BYO street car is that the diff isn’t correct for this sort of driving.

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