Anyone Can Learn To Drift Part 2


Here is Christa maneuvering through 3 turns and threading 3 gates in a nice smooth drift.  Like I said before it is hard to keep a stock AE86 going this long through different tightness of turns without bogging down and straitening up.  Now we are going to have to build an RWD car so she can actually go out and practice with something.

Christa says that drifting faster is a lot of fun!  If you want to learn how to drift, it will be hard to find a better place to start than Drift School USA!


Drift School USA



  1. Nice! What do you think are some prerequisites for reaching Christa’s end of training level? Is this doable in a 1 day session? Do you think this is doable with a BYO car with an ND2 miata for 1 day?

    1. Looks like they require at least a clutch based diff. Don’t think I have that. Seems better to do min 2-day if you don’t have much experience and the rental. I don’t have the tires and other items anyways.

    2. I think it’s doable in a 2-day session. The trouble with a BYO street car is that the diff isn’t correct for this sort of driving.

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