Area 27


It took an 8mm fisheye lens to attempt to capture the scope of the track. Here we have Turn 1 and heading East on the 800 metre/one half mile long uphill straight!

Area 27 is now fully paved. All 16 corners. All 4.83 kilometres/3 miles. The pavement is a total of 4 inches thick and 12.2 metres wide/40 feet wide. The total elevation change over one lap is 109 metres/357 feet. Turn 7 consists of two parts. 7a is nice. 7b has 11° banking and is absolutely incredible.The huge paddock is also paved along with the pit area – which is a combination of pavement and concrete. A trailer is currently housing the offices but clubhouse planning is in the works. In the not too distant future, members will also have the opportunity to have onsite condo's. Obviously they will be complete with expansive garages! This is among the best of the best tracks in North America.


Coming through Turn 1 this classic Mustang sounded awesome. Landscaping, gravel run off areas, Marshal stands, bundled tires for the soft walls – just a few things that must be worked on during the off season. However, once the pavement is down everyone wanted to be on track. Who could blame them!

Turn 2 is front and centre of this photo with Turn 3 marked by the silver Corvette. The red Corvette is heading for Turn 4. Turns 6 and 7 are in the background.

The key focus in designing this track was to make the best use of the natural landscape. Even so, tons of material had to be moved in order to effectively set the foundation for the track. As the land was already farmland, the natural habitat had already been disrupted. As a result the required environmental impact studies were not insurmountable.


Jacques' favourite corners, which he designed and no one touched from his specifications, are Turns 4 and 5. Here is 4 and in the distance you can see the hill that creates the blind entry to Turn 9.
Area 27 does not yet have an Academy for motorcycles. All riders have to provide certification obtained elsewhere prior to being given access to the circuit.
While the riders were limited to speed as the course is not fully prepared for them, they still looked very good out on track. This is Richard Maurice on an ex-Francis Martin Canadian Superbike. It's a 2007 GSXR 1000 putting down about 160 whp.
Turn 5  is the second of Jacques' favourite corners. The mountains in the background are on the other side of the Okanagan Valley. Nestled into the bottom of the valley is the town of Oliver, B.C.

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