Area 27


Huge thanks to Bill for taking me out on the track to allow me to get a feel for the track. As we were just cruising at the end of the day after the track was closed, we are not wearing helmets. Special thanks to Shane Nolan who offered us his Audi R8 V10 for this reconnaissance mission.

Unfortunatly, I do not have any photos of Turns 9, 10, and 11. You will have to watch the video to feel the joy of the blind corners that are 9 and 11. 9 just falls away and bears left. This is not a corner you can approach at speed without knowing in advance where you should place your car. Corner 11 is another where the elevation changes blinds the driver from what is ahead. You have to know your reference points and then have faith that God has not changed the track on the other side of the hill!


Video made available by Area 27 member Nick Kwan.
Infield you can see Turn 12. What you cannot see from this photo is the elevation changes entering Turn 1 that are so evident in the video footage.
Here you can see the scope of Turns 11 through 16. Subtle elevation changes until 14. Another nice straight between 12 and 13 with 13 likely the fastest corner on the track.
Turn 14 has Pit In on the right hand side. To the left you can see Turn 15.
The car in the background has just come through Turn 13, a fast left sweeper, and is heading into the hairpin Turn 14. The Radical SR3 is coming through the Esses that are made up of Turn 15 and Turn 16. This last section of the track owes its design to Bill Drossos.
From the spectator area just east of the front straight and pit out, you can see most of Turn 14 and all of 15 and 16. Area 27 members and their families were out and cheering each other on. The level of excitement was palpable.
While the natural elevation was followed as much as possible, track development did require changes as evident here on the outside of Turn 14.
Starting on the right about mid-way up you'll see Turn 1. Now you can follow the basic track layout and, from this vantage point, see almost all of the action on the track. Of course, you'll need a 4×4 or a dirt bike to get here. Fortunately for me, my guide was Area 27 Security lead Mitch so I tagged along while he took me to the best vantage points. Click to enlarge.

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