Area 27


Turn 6 is the first of Trevor's corners. This photo was taken from a knoll that was significantly higher than the plateau upon which the track is based. Surrounded on three sides by foothills and significantly higher than the valley floor, the track location is ideally suited to avoid the noise concerns that often plague motorsports parks.
This Corvette is just entering 7a. Trevor Seibert's hand is all over turn 7 – this is his corner. Natural landscape provides great scenery and also challenges the driver by limiting their ability to see what's ahead. At the same time, spectators are able to see at least half of the track from almost every vantage point that I could check out. In some spots I'm sure that you could capture almost 100% of the driving action.
Looking at 7a from a slightly different vantage point as some bikes are out on the circuit.  This is 1981/1982 Canadian SuperBike Champion Steve Dick powering through the corner. Since the area had already been developed, had paved road access, and a supply of gravel and raw materials required for track preparation. There wasn't much more to ask for than good weather – and since Oliver, BC has more hours of sunlight annually than Monterey, California – good weather was pretty much a sure thing.
7b has the dramatic 11°camber which encourages the driver to settle into the seat and plant the go pedal. Sigh – this corner really made me wish that I was driving. I'll have to write a lot more articles for MotoIQ to save up for membership.
Nick Kwan looked very smooth through mid-7b. This is a beautifully set up Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR. A fan of the marque, Nick has a couple of cars that he brings out to the track.
Leaving 7b for the straight into Turn 8. Through Trevor's corner, I love the feel of the car settling, getting planted, and just begging for all of its horsepower to be unleashed.
From this vantage point I can see Turn 8 however the other infield turns are blocked by the natural hillside.

Creating a track that is unique, challenging, and exciting that also flows with the natural landscape is quite a challenge. About 30 different sketches of the track have been made and Bill has them in his basement. Once the simulator model was created that led to 12 other revisions. Jacques, Trevor, and Bill wanted the track to be inspiring. Sterile was an adjective that they never want nor do I think that they will ever hear in regards to their track. I have not driven it yet – only a passenger at this point – but this is a track that will inspire drivers. It does not have Mosport's Turn 2 or Calabogie's Tempation – but I am predicting that Area 27's Turn 7 will soon be discussed with the same reverence by racers who have experienced them. Club members are already thrilled with their track – knowing that it is among the best in Canada and right up with the top tracks in the 'States. There is no question in my mind, I have to experience this track as a driver.

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