Battle Evome Final – Highlights

Battle Evome Final – Highlights

By Elena Nikolova

Two sleepless weekends in a row for me, and probably a whole sleepless week for the time attack enthusiasts who took part in Battle Evome at Tsukuba circuit this month. Last two rounds were just a week apart so there was little prep-time before the final round on Sunday. The fight against time is definitely not for lazybones. I set off for the circuit at 3:30 AM on Saturday a week ago with part of the Evome Battle staff and it was worth it for sure. Seeing everything from the very start and leaving with the last cars is a one of a kind experience.

JDM Subaru STi
We got to Tsukuba around six but we were hardly the first to arrive. A snow-covered JDM STi  from yukiguni (“snow land”) Nagano was already there, engine running, waiting for its rivals.


Fairlady Z
I was happily shooting this Fairlady at the crack of dawn when I saw the Kyushu-Danji Racing team arriving!


Kyushu Dan Acura NSX
While they were defrosting the ice-covered windshield of the Tomiyoshi NSX with some hot green tea from the vending machine, another top team showed up.


Scorch Racing S15
‘Under’ Suzuki arrives with the Scorch Racing S15 in tow.

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