Battle Evome Final – Highlights


Scorch Racing S15
While Suzuki-san did it in 54.162! Amazing!


Tomiyoshi NSX
Tomiyoshi team came all the way from Kyushu only for the third round of the Battle. They came, kicked some ass and went back home. The NSX-R was third with 56.680…

CT9A Evo
…followed by the CT9A EVO with 56.937!

Under Suzuki
Everyone was wondering if ‘Under’ Suzuki  would be able to go into the 53-second range in the final round of Evome Battle… there wasn’t much time to scrape-off…


What’s more, he only had one chance to try and go for a 53-second lap on his second run, due to an accident with the radiator blind of the Arios Okuyama FD.


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