Battle Evome Final – Highlights


The RX-7 spit fluid onto the track, making it too slippery and pointless for Suzuki to go out again, there is no way he could’ve made it. Tsukuba staff reacted immediately – marshals spread out sawdust on the track, but until the end of the first run, conditions were still slippery.


Second run started…

But it wasn’t Suzuki’s day after all, he did 55-second laps.


This is one of those occasions that call for “shouganai”, as Japanese people say when things go wrong – there is nothing to be done, you just pull yourself together and try to do your best next time, just as Suzuki is going to do this week at the Advan Time Attack race.


So that was a quick wrap-up of  the last two rounds of Battle Evome. I like leaving things with a smile, as do the positive time attack guys at the track, so I leave you now with Horikoshi-san’s smile. The time attack season ended just last Sunday with the ADVAN Time Attack race on Tsukuba circuit. Coming up soon. 

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