Best of the Best: Corey Brosk’s 2010 Nissan GT-R


The body has been sublty modified as well, a Stillen front lip, carbon fiber duckbill trunk, and carbon fiber rear diffuser tastefully add to the sleek coupe’s appearance. Its worth noting that Cory has 3 sets of wheels for his car, these black Volk TE37’s are ligher than their Niche counterparts, making them perfect track day wheels especially when wrapped in this much rubber.


These Volk TE37’s only grace the car when it’s going to the track. Rumor has it that Corey cleans them with the tears of those he beats, that explains why they are so clean.


Things that are ridiculous; Donald Trump’s hair, 10 dollar cups of coffee, and AMS Alpha Drag Wheel and Tire package… at 42 pounds each, this wheel and tire combo is 40 pounds lighter than the stock set up.

Occasionally Corey gets serious and breaks out his AMS Alpha Drag Wheel and Tire package. These super lightweight Alpha 17 inch rims are wrapped with a gigantic Hoosier D06 Drag racing compound slick for maximum grip and seriously fast quarter mile times. (9.98 with a 135mph trap speed is Corey’s current best.)


The front seats and door trim have been swapped with that of a 2015 GT-R Black Edition and carbon fiber accents cover the center console, shifter, steering wheel, gauge cluster, subwoofer shroud and dash inlay.
Who doesn’t love carbon fiber? It’s like not liking sandwiches, or freedom.

Overall this car is lucky to be pampered the way it has been, nothing but the best for this GTR, and we are glad to see that automotive chivalry isn’t dead, and that there are still people willing to treat their cars like a gentleman. Hats off to you Cory, you certainly know how to treat a lady.


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