SEMA 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Tuner Cars and Parts

SEMA 2016: Nerd’s Eye View Tuner Cars and Parts

by Khiem Dinh

What’s one of the primary reasons we all enjoy SEMA? The display of all the tuner cars and the parts that make them go fast. We can relate because we own the same cars and can buy the same parts. Granted, many of these cars are built to the extreme, but we can all dream can’t we? In fact, some of these cars are completely attainable.

One of the cars featured in the Garrett by Honeywell booth this year was a 1500hp twin turbo Camaro running a twin GTX3582R turbo kit from Armageddon Turbo Systems. You take off all the stickers and you have one hell of a sleeper. I’ve always liked the kits from Armageddon because they pay attention to the details. Look at the wastegate tube which has a bellows joint to allow for thermal expansion and contraction differences. It also has a nice merge angle to reintroduce the wastegate flow to minimize pressure drop. The exhaust bits are thermal coated and the turbine housing is covered in a thermal blanket to protect everything around from the heat. This car is a completely attainable example requiring a built engine and transmission to go along with the turbo kit to take advantage of the 1500whp capability of the turbos. All said and done, I bet the cost still comes in well below a Porsche 911 Carrera S.
It’s been a very long time coming and Garrett by Honeywell finally made a significant update to their product line. Part of the update includes making reverse rotation GT30-35 frame size turbos. The reverse rotation models greatly aid in packaging on cars with longitudinal inline engines with exhausts manifolds on the passenger/right side of the car and also on any car with a V-engine layout. The compressor inlet and outlet are fully machined. On the inlet, the machined geometry includes some better flow geometries. On the outlet, the smooth machined surface should provide a better seal against boost leaks.
This new guy is the GTX3584RS which I think will be good for about 900whp maxed out. The compressor outlet has an optional V-band joint. This turbo also has its own unique 0.72 A/R compressor housing to accommodate the higher flow.
I think the ‘S’ part of the GTX3584RS denotes the unique turbine wheel which is higher flowing.
The GTX3584RS has its own unique stainless steel turbine housing family including a massive 1.21 A/R size.

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