SEMA 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Tuner Cars and Parts


The panel filter for the turbo compressor inlet looks sorta like a grill.
And there it is… I’d guess that’s at least a Garrett GTX50 size turbo along with a turbo blanket to keep from roasting the oil drain line. Look closely and you can see the bellows joint on the elbow going to the turbine inlet
ACT has this cool display where you could see the clutch working as you pressed the clutch pedal.
Honda Racing Development has supported amateur racing for a long time. They had a body-in-white of the new Civic with a bunch of track goodies. Up front is a new radiator made by CSF for HPD. There are also brake ducts that integrate into the front bumper.
Standard track car mods here: lower restriction air filter, a new belt for A/C removal, catless downpipe, limited slip clutch, single mass flywheel, clutch, and a new set of strengthened gears for 4th.
Adjustable coilovers improve the handling while Wilwood brakes do the stopping. This is amazing, the new Civic is barely on the market and HPD has already developed a whole suite of track car parts.

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