SEMA 2016: Nerd’s Eye View – Tuner Cars and Parts


One of the coolest things I saw was this machined from billet head from SupraSport for the 2JZ which integrates Honda VTEC. So yeah, you can put VTEC on your 2JZ to improve both the mid-range and top-end. It’s a clever mix of OEM parts like valves from Subaru, Honda K20 valvetrain bits and VTEC solenoids, and of course, Toyota parts.
The head keeps the Toyota VVTi variable cam timing using stock Toyota solenoids to give a lot of drivability tuning. Combined with some VTEC Yo! and you have all sorts of awesomeness.
At first glance, this ‘Cuda already looks badass in primer grey. Then you take a closer look under the hood…
That’s a diesel 6.7L Cummins with a compound turbo setup. Yes, many torques.
Something a bit new, Ford is offering the Ecoboost 2.3L engine as a crate engine. It is a change of pace from the old school small blocks and big blocks. Check out all the stuff involved in just the air flow parts. That massive duct feeding air to the air box has some Helmholtz resonator on it. There’s the electronic compressor bypass valve tube feeding back to the compressor inlet tube. The compressor discharge tube has a couple weird bulges on it, probably for some acoustic tuning.
It looks like crank angle is measured off this toothed wheel next to the crank pulley.
Here’s a mix of old and new. I think that’s an Ecoboost V6 powering this ride.
Getting everything to fit was apparently no easy task. Just check out all the joints in the steering shaft snaking under the turbo, compressor inlet pipe, and oil filter.

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