Big Power with a MSD Atomic Intake Manifold and Tuning for Project C7 Corvette!

The MSD Atomic manifolds installs as easy as the OEM manifold came off!

The OEM manifold cover does not fit anymore due to the taller plenum but the MSD Atomic manifold looks pretty good on its own. We did reinstall the OEM coil covers.

As a recap, you can see how well our previous mods worked out here.

The completed installation of The MSD Atomic intake manifold,  Hooker Blackheart headers and Intech cold air intake looks pretty mean if not understated.  We like the look compared to the stock lawnmower shroud look of the OEM plastics.

With all of our changes, it was time to go to Church Automotive Testing to tune the ECU using HP Tuners tuning software suite.  With late-model ECUs, it’s important to go to a real expert of GM tuning like Shawn Church, Shawn goes into a lot of detail about just a few of the tricks he does in the attached video that you will see at the end of this article.  Church uses Dynapack wheel hub dyno’s as they feel that these direct coupling dynos give the best loading and are the most accurate for tuning.

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