Big Power with a MSD Atomic Intake Manifold and Tuning for Project C7 Corvette!

At LS Feast we did surprisingly well, even with Jeff’s missing shifts in the 1/4 mile segment of the competition.  Jeff, although he isn’t hotshoe Karla, did very well in the Autocross, 3 S and Road Race segments of the competition. With a little more practice, we are pretty sure that we could be right in there with some of the Top LS and LT powered Chevies in the country!

Stay tuned, we are planning a big influx of power by adding a GM Performance cam, deleting the AFM and DOD systems for less valvetrain mass and more revs, and adding some CNC ported heads along with a few other tricks.  These should give us another 40-50 hp and will put our LT1 into sportscar world-class power levels.  In the meanwhile, Jeff is going to work on his driving technique which will hopefully put us right in there in our level of competitiveness.  We can’t wait!


Holley Performance (MSD Atomic, Hooker Blackheart, Intech)

Church Automotive Testing

LS Fest

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