BPG’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Time Attack Special

BPG's BNR32 Skyline GT-R Time Attack Special

by Mike Kojima

Some of the cars at Australia's World Time Attack or WTAC for short are so amazing and so exotic that for most of us, we can just look and drool.  We were looking at cars to feature and we wanted to show what could be done for a moderate amount of cash by regular people.  Clean solid work by smart people but nothing that needed open wheel or prototype levels of engineering and fabrication skill.  In short, something that most of us or a good local shop could build with a regular person reachable budget.

We think that WTAC veteran John Bright's BNR32 is a fine example of a well thought out tidy car that was built by normal people without tons of crazy custom composites and CFD tuned aero.  Nothing too exotic but thoroughly massaged with all the right bits.

The car's vented hood is a custom carbon fiber part made by the team in house.  The venting helps evacuate air from the engine compartment and expedites flow through the engine's front mounted heat exchangers.  All of the cabin glass has been changed out for shatterproof and weight saving lexan.
The engine is an RFB26DETT.  A thicker wall Nismo N1 block is the base of the motor which is stroked with a Tomei crank hung with Tomei rods. Custom JE pistons are oversized to 87mm for a total displacement of 2800cc. The stock head has had the combustion chambers welded and recut for more quench.  The head has also been heavily ported and fitted with Supertech valve guides.  The valve seats have been recut for 1mm oversize Supertech nitrided stainless intake valves and inconel exhaust valves. Tomei is used for the valvetrain providing the buckets, retainers, springs and cam cap studs. JUN 264 degree duration 10.5mm lift cams work the valvetrain.  Adjustable timing gears are used and a Hypertune large plenum intakes feed the stock ITBs fitted with Injector Dynamics 2000cc injectors.  The stock crank angle sensor has been ditched for a Ross balancer with an integrated crank trigger.
New for this year is an improved turbo system with twin Borg Warner EFR 6258 turbos on a Full-Race exhaust manifold.  The EFR turbo has advanced features like a ball bearing center section and a super light titanium aluminide turbine wheel which is about 40% lighter than your typical inconel or MAR-M turbine wheel. These features greatly quicken spool time.  On the compressor side a forged CNC machined billet compressor wheel allows the use of thinner blades and hub for higher flow and better efficiency. The compressor wheel has an extended tip which helps make more boost at lower shaft speeds. The turbos also feature integrated compressor bypass valves and high flow internal wastegates which makes packaging twin turbos a lot easier in the tight confines of of the Skyline engine bay. On top of the valvecover sit direct Weapon X coils powered by a M&W CDI ignition. The RB develops an impressive 677 whp, quite a bit for a power absorbing all wheel drive powertrain.
A PWR radiator with integrated engine oil and power steering coolers helps keep things tidy. By eliminating discreet heat exchangers a lot of weight can be saved.

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