Bringing the Heat: Under Control!

Bringing the Heat: Under Control!

by Frank Ewald

Cover Photo by Martin’s Action Photography

With our first track day and Knox Mountain Hill Climb 2018 now behind us, we can say without question that the HeatShield Products and the Koyorad have absolutely increased the cooling capacity of the NX GTi-R on the track.

Our benchmark temperatures were set last October on a cool and sunny day. The daytime high was 16°Celcius. The temperatures we checked on May 5 and it was a sunny day and the ambient temperature was 22°Celcius (that’s about 72°Fahrenheit). The temperatures were checked after the car had been out for the second session and, as this was a CACC Time Attack event here at Mission’s River’s Edge Road Course, you can appreciate that the car was being pushed.

Two weeks later the NX was at the 61st Annual Knox Mountain Hill Climb; the runs up the hill showed an amazing difference one year later. The extensive improvements to the cooling system absolutely worked.

A 300° drop in prttgtexhaust manifold temperature! Unbelievable. Understanding that the handheld infrared thermometer that I was using is not the most scientifically accurate device, the results are still astounding. And similar to the butt dyno, there are some completely unscientific methods of testing this theory. In the past, my number magnets would literally melt onto the hood. That has not happened in 2018!

The most impressive numbers came from the exhaust manifold which showed a temperature drop of well over 300°C – that is a huge number with that heat being kept away from the various elements under the hood. Now you can appreciate that not all of the temperatures were even close to that drop, but it probably means that my hood numbers will not melt anymore!

You will likely also appreciate that my handheld, non-contact infrared thermometer is not the best tool for measuring temperatures on reflective surfaces. I absolutely agree and appreciate that; it is simply the best tool that I had available for this task. While the numbers may not be entirely accurate they absolutely do, throughout this exercise, reflect the fact that there has been a significant reduction in heat.

AES Auto and ECUMaster Classic have gotten the NX GTi-R running better than it has ever run. Phew. It was a long haul to get here, but I am very happy with the results.

The next thing that you’ll want to know is that the car was pulling really well out on the dyno at AES Auto and this was duplicated at the track. This was my second opportunity to drive at Mission and our first in class and fourth place overall finish in Time Attack was very satisfying.

Some of the issues we had last year with poor mid-range response and an intermittent complete loss of power beyond 3000 rpm (intermittent as in a problem that would occur randomly, last for an hour, then be running back like normal) have been addressed and corrected by going to a completely different ECU. The installation of an ECUMASTER EMU Classic with tuning at AES has produced horsepower increases throughout the powerband plus eliminated the glitches that were being experienced with the previous standalone.

A quick recap. The NX GTi-R is powered by a 54c SR20DET. This engine is built with Eagle Rods, CP Carrillo Pistons, JWT cams, Calico bearings, ARP head studs, Ishihara-Johnson crank scraper (teflon.), and a Precision 5128 turbocharger. Very evident in the photo are the newly installed Koyorad and extensive use of HeatShield Products.


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