Bringing the Heat: Under Control!

The next update necessitated a full flush of Castrol SRF. I usually do this anyway, but this spring I removed the NX2000 brake master cylinder and replaced it with an Altima master cylinder that I sourced from Greg at GSpec Performance. If you are not familiar with GSpec and you have a Nissan, then look him up. He is a wealth of knowledge and has access to virtually anything Nissan related that you need.

I have lost count of the number of GSpec parts that are installed on the NX GTi-R. The reason for this upgrade is simply capacity – the Altima M/C has a larger bore which will better handle the car’s braking requirements with the Wilwood BBK mounted on the front. This is the second M/C upgrade – a few years ago I replaced the tiny NX1600 M/C with a factory NX2000 unit.

Not sure what this is? It is a custom brake master cylinder brace. I still found that I wasn’t getting the pedal feel I wanted after the master cylinder swap. I knew there was flex in the firewall so figured it was time for a brace. This is an excellent upgrade!

After the first time attack event at Mission’s RiversEdge track – a track that some claim to be the most challenging track for brakes in North America – it was time to go back to the drawing board. I still did not have the pedal feel that I wanted and it appeared that this ‘lack’ of feel that I wanted was being caused by the amount of flex in the firewall and the resulting movement of the brake m/c.

I talked to Paulo about what I thought I wanted, he gave me a couple of suggestions, then let me go with his scrap metal supplies, his power hacksaw, and his grinder. The result is a brake m/c brace that, while probably overkill, will literally never move. What is even more impressive, it really works. I have become a believer and now wish that I had done this upgrade several seasons ago.

The custom brace attaches to the ShigSpeed bracket for my Whiteline strut tower bar that attaches to the Ground Control camber plate. The bracket that (top photo) comes out at about 90° fastens onto a pre-drilled hole in the strut tower itself. At the bottom of the brace there is a bolt which can be adjusted to limit play. It’s secured by a lock nut. Made of heavy duty angle iron, it is not going to flex.
The cars return from the top of the mountain run parade style. It’s a lot of fun and provides an opportunity to wave to the course workers as well as the spectators. Photo Credit: Mike Rommell.

The bottom line: the car is absolutely running cooler. HeatShield Products work. In addition to adding a ton of functional heat control, they really make the engine bay look cool! (an Intentional play on words.) Koyorad products are fantastic so stop waiting, go out and get your Koyorad. Now! And finally, when you get a fabricator and tuner that you enjoy working with, like I do with AES Auto in Burnaby, B.C., your race car life is going to be so much better. ECUMaster – wow! This Classic ECU in the hands of Paulo at AES Auto has literally changed my driving experience.

My grandson, Emmett, is my biggest fan. This was his first time out at a track since he was a baby – he has been dealing with some health issues –  but early this past May he was out and cheering loudly everytime my car came into sight on track and he is looking forward to going back to the track again.

When my car is away at AES Auto, Emmett constantly points to it’s typical location in my garage and enquires about it’s status. (Actually, he just asks where Grandpa’s car is!) I hope that you take your little ones to the track with you to share in your passion. Please make sure that you provide them with hearing protection and then put their needs first – rather than yours. Emmett was also the inspiration behind the DIY toddler’s wheelchair – which he uses daily – and is now able to move it with his own muscle power!


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