Bringing the Heat: Under Control!

I won my first CACC Time Attack class event and was fourth overall. Then I won my class at Knox Mountain with a time set in my first hot and timed run. It was, however, a bittersweet moment. It was also my last run because as good as the car was running – and it was running incredibly well – the driver has some issues.

A moneyshift heading uphill to corner one caused me great pain and the instant knowledge that I had a scrambled valve train. This meant it was time to get my hands greasy again. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have absolutely beaten last year’s time of 2:08 but only 2019 will be able to prove that in black and white. The car will be returned to prime form shortly. And I have to learn how to shift!

A highlight for me at Knox Mountain Hill Climb is the ‘Hands Together for a Cure‘ Porsche GT3. Owner Brent Thorkelson and his family are committed to raising funds for a cure for childrens’ cancer. A few lucky kids have the opportunity to get suited up and race (untimed) up the hill.
This year, my friend Doug Penner was one of the lucky ones. First Doug got to deface the GT3 by signing it on it’s butt (actually, he signed one of the decals and was not actually putting graffiti on Brent’s pristine GT3.  Doug does not have cancer but has lost people close to him to this disease. Doug is challenged by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He has his own fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy. I also got to deface the GT3 – printing Emmett’s name on the front!
Have I told you that I like this car! It has its quirks but so does the driver.  I’m aiming to get to Area 27 later this summer. It’s quite possible that I’ll eventually get out to the new Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. Plus I have to compete in a few more time attack events at my local track with CACC. Mission’s River’s Edge may be hard on brakes, but it’s a technically challenging and fun club track.
Last year I walked to the top and raced to the top of Knox Mountain, but I didn’t stop to look at the view. This year I also walked to the top – but friends Doug and Laura would not let me miss the scenic views. Click the image to get a larger panoramic view of Kelowna, B.C. and Okanagan Lake.
When watching some video of my run up the mountain I noticed that all of my braking points are off. That is because last year (remember, you can only race this hill once a year) my newly installed rebuilt rear calipers were causing me issues that I did not get sorted out until after the event was over. Coupled with the fact that in the shorter stretches I was having to short shift to keep the engine running smoothly.
If only I could have had a few more runs then I know time would have kept dropping. I am joining the club of every racer that I know and saying that I left so much time on the table. 2018 should have been the year – but it was not to be. The question is, do I head back to Knox Mountain in 2019 with the car as is and see what kind of times I can obtain OR do I start installing some areo? There are a few pieces that I’ve been collecting over the years, so … but as tempting as it is to install areo, I really want to see how hard I can push the car in its current format.
Well, time to get the car buttoned up so that I can get out to Area 27 in about a week’s time.


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