Building the 1.6 liter Ecoboost Engine with mountune Part 1-Project Ford Fiesta ST Race Car
The piston dome retains the same configuration as the stock piston.

We kept the stock compression ratio for reliably and the new mountune pistons have the same dome configuration as stock which we think is important.  The dish in the pistons acts like a pre-chamber, critical for the correct operation of the direct injection system.

The stock rods were upgraded to these forged billet parts from mountune USA.

The mountune rods are CNC machined from a high nickel 4340 steel alloy.  4340 is known for its toughness and impact resistance along with a high resistance to cyclic fatigue. his makes it idea for stuff like axles, cranks, gears and yes connecting rods.

mountune USA rods are a work of art. The rods are machined from a forged billet blank.  The forging gives good grain flow and orientation in the correct direction on the rods body.

The rods are subject to a thorough extreme shotpeening to form a compressed layer on the skin of the rod.  This greatly increases the fatigue strength of the rod, by over 100%.  The writest pin oiling holes are on the lower sides of the rod beams instead of the more common top position. This means they affect the strength of the rod less.

ARP 2000 rod bolts are used on the mountune USA rods.

The rod bolts have a 220,000 psi tensile strength.  The rod has an H Beam contour which puts the stiffness in the direction of the rods bending stress, this is an efficient use of the material.

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  1. Any thoughts into using aux-fuel delivery for added reliability? Really excited for new updates on this build! Looking forward to seeing it in action 😀

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