Building the 1.6 liter Ecoboost Engine with mountune Part 1-Project Ford Fiesta ST Race Car
mountune USA V2 camshafts were selected for the engine.

The cams have an intake duration of  260 degrees with an 8.64 mm lift compared to a stock 228 degrees and 7.59mm respectively.  The exhaust cam has a duration of 244 degrees and 8.64 mm of lift compared to 212 degrees and 6.19 mm for the stock cam.

mountune USA cams are CNC ground on chilled iron blanks, this causes hard long wearing iron carbines to form in the lobes.  This is some of the same metallurgy of OEM cams and ensures a long life.

To complement our cams, mountune valve springs and retainers by Piper were used.

The mountune springs have a rate of 208 in-lbs to reduce the likelyhood of valve float and are compatible with all mountune cams as well as the stock cams.

Stay tuned in the next edition of Project Fiesta ST we assemble this engine and install it in the chassis!

Check out the rest of our fiesta ST build here!


mountune USA




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  1. Any thoughts into using aux-fuel delivery for added reliability? Really excited for new updates on this build! Looking forward to seeing it in action 😀

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