Building the Long Rod Nissan SR20VE Engine


 Building the Long Rod Nissan SR20VE Engine
Our low tension ring set assures good seal at high rpm while minimizing friction.

The second ring, although often referred to as a compression ring, is actually more like an “assistant.” Its function is to control any gases or oil, which may have escaped past the first compression ring or the oil ring assembly. To further aid in the second ring’s ability to control oil, JE Pistons’ 1.2 mm second ring features a hook-like napier face, which helps scrape any residual oil from the cylinder wall.

 Building the Long Rod Nissan SR20VE Engine
The hook shape of the Napier second ring scrapes oil off of the cylinder wall that gets by the oil ring.  Our engine seems to have pretty low oil consumption even though it is not fully broken in and the piston pin hole breaks into the oil ring groove.

The oil ring assembly is low tension three-piece with a flex vent style expander. The steel oil ring scrapers have also been gas nitride coated for low friction. The oil ring’s job is to remove oil from the cylinder’s walls and prevent it from entering the combustion chamber.

 Building the Long Rod Nissan SR20VE Engine
The rail support provides the critical support needed to keep the oil ring assembled when the pin bore intersects the oil ring groove.  Once the rail support is installed, the 2.8 mm low tension, gas nitrided oil ring assembly has the support required to maintain its performance.

We ordered our pistons with JE’s optional Tuff Skirt coating. Tuff Skirt is a JE Pistons trademark coating that is a lubricating, anti-friction / anti-wear coating applied to the piston skirt only. Unlike a  standard Skirt Coating, Tuff Skirt wears slowly over time and is designed to withstand many different types of endurance applications from NASCAR to American Le Mans.

 Building the Long Rod Nissan SR20VE Engine
 We lightly honed our bores and WPC treated them.

Before installing our pistons, we had the pin bores, piston pins, piston dome and ring grooves WPC treated. This gives a lubricious, fine grained wearing surface with reduced friction and increased resistance to galling.

 Building the Long Rod Nissan SR20VE Engine
 Our crank was polished and then WPC treated.

To return oil to the pan faster, reduce oil consumption and free up a little more power, we used a crank scraper assembly and windage tray by  This is a contoured blade with a teflon insert that follows the crank’s contours closely and strips off the oil windage cloud that the crank spins in.  This frees up a little power, and reduces oil temperature among other things by reducing the amount of thrashing the oil undergoes inside the engine.

 Building the Long Rod Nissan SR20VE Engine
 We also WPC treated our rocker shaft and cam caps.



  1. I’m considering building a long rod sr20vvl rwd motor but am having issues getting the information that I need to purchase the Pistons from JE. Would you be willing to share the piston info so I can get a copy of these Pistons for my motor?

  2. Unfortunately, this was so long ago, I forgot the build number, but several motors have been done from this combo so they have the design.

  3. Mike,

    Was there any power improvements over time?

    Perhaps I missed it, but how much longer (degrees of rotation) do the pistons hang out at TDC vs the standard rod?


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