Building the Naturally Aspirated Honda K Engine! Part 1


The pan has internal passages for each of the pump's three scavenge stages.  This keeps things clean with no extra hoses and fittings that could leak. 
The Dailey dry sump system comes complete with all the drive pulleys and fittings to introduce oil to the engine's main galley. 
The Dailey system is designed to work with an ATI Super Damper.  The Super Damper is an elastomer type damper that is tuned specifically to work with the K24 Engine at higher rpm.

The Super Damper uses an inertia ring of a given mass and elastomeric rings of a given stiffness and number to achieve the tuning to damp out the torsional whip.  For more power and higher RPM use, the inertia ring is heavier than stock.

The Super Damper is superior to the OEM unit and is tuned to work at higher rpm.  It is SFI, NHRA, IHRA and NASCAR approved.

The front drive system uses this stronger bolt with a hardened washer to hold it all down to the nose of the crankshaft.  
We selected JE's forged asymmetrical FSR pistons in standard bore for the bottom end.  The FSR is a strut type piston meaning that it has a reduced slipper skirt profile.

In the past, reduced area slipper skirts meant light weight and low friction, but lots of noise and sometimes rapid wear to the piston, rings and cylinder walls.  Not so with FSR pistons.  JE has the piston design and barrel profile down and we have found FSR pistons to run quietly when we have used them, great for street engines.


The JE FSR pistons' asymmetrical skirt has a larger area on the more heavily loaded thrust side and a reduced profile on the lighter loaded non-thrust side for less friction and weight.  

The  strut-type design also means minimal weight as there is no excess material around the piston pin, unlike fully skirted pistons.  You can see some of the intricate under the ring land CNC machining here that removes all excess weight in low-stress areas identified by FEA.


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