Celica GTS: Kyle’s Time Attack Car!


Attention to detail is what has taken Kyle to the consistently high results that he has obtained competing in Ontario Time Attack. The engine bay is meticulous. The header is a thing of beauty! Photo Credit: Stage Four Motorsports.
There’s nothing like a wonderful afternoon drive near a forest. Of course, if it’s a race track like the Driver Development Track at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park then your afternoon drive is likely going to be rather spirited!
Kyle’s 1990 Celica GTS is a beautiful car. Decals are tastefully applied (I wonder what his high school sticker choice was?) and it is very photogenic.
Improvements were made to the exhaust system to ensure that all of the horsepower possible was extracted from the engine. A few years back (I saw Kyle’s Celica in the shop while I was getting my WeirTech downpipe built), Kyle went to Aaron at WeirTech for a custom built 4 into 1 header. The primaries are 1 5/8″ and merge into a 2.5″ exhaust. While WeirTech has closed its doors, the expertise is still available as Aaron (if you are thinking that you know that name, you probably do. Aaron Weir built the CRX 2000. Aaron has also built several pieces for my NX GTi-R that I refer to as art.) has joined the staff at Vibrant Performance. If you call Vibrant for technical support, there is a good chance that it will be Aaron on the other end of the line. Kyle’s Celica currently has a 2.5″ exhaust made with universal pieces. For 2016 NV Auto will be fabricating an all new exhaust with Vibrant Performance mandrel bends, piping, resonator, cat, and muffler.
Four point roll bar, partially gutted interior, Sparco wheel and seat, 6 point harness – this GTS is ready for time attack. Photo Credit: Stage Four Motorsports.
So far in our discussion I have not seen anything to describe what I have seen the car do on the track. Fuel system – all stock, even the fuel pump. OEM ignition. Factory ECU. Spark plugs replaced annually with over the shelf parts from the Toyota dealer. As we started to get deeper into the drivetrain, there was a glimpse of some performance parts. This FWD Celica GTS has a SPECĀ  stage 3 clutch and a SPEC aluminum 9 pound flywheel. Of course, probably the majority of the cars involved in time attack events have a lightened flywheel and aftermarket clutch. Even the axles are OEM replacements. For reliability and peace of mind, an RTP stainless braided clutch hose has been installed. Again, these are all needed for dependability but on their own will not win you races.
Gridding up at TMP Kyle’s immediate competition will be the S2000 and the Mini. The GTS was more than ready for them. Photo Credit: ScooterMedia.
The Celica is loaded up and ready for a weekend at the track. Hatchbacks can hold a lot of stuff, but there’s no question that a tiny trailer can be a blessing. Plus, it looks cool to see a race car with a trailer! Photo Credit: Kyle Beaty.

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