Celica GTS: Kyle’s Time Attack Car!


The 15×8 Bassett Racing Wheels help Kyle maintain his time attack budget. Not only is the rear track already widened, but the positive rear offset further enhances that. Hankook RS3’s are a fast and dependable tire. This combination is working very well! Photo Credit: Stage Four Motorsports.
To ensure that he can slow down and stop when and where he wants Kyle runs stock calipers mounted on a Celica Alltrac bracket. This is to allow him to run the Alltrac’s 22mm larger rotors (277mm vs. 255mm). The rotors are Stoptech slotted with Carbotech XP20 brake pads on the front with Carbotech XP10 brake pads on the rear. With normal time attack cars and drivers, the front XP20 compound would never heat up sufficiently in a momentum car and would not be recommended. The large air dam on the front combined with the Bassett Racing steel wheels has turned the area around the rotors/calipers into a heat forge that has literally melted lower compounds. Techna-Fit stainless braided flex lines easily handle the stress that frequent track use places upon wear items like these high pressure lines. To handle the intense temperature swings, Kyle only uses Castrol SRF brake fluid that has a high wet boiling point of 270 degrees Celcius. For 2016 the Celica will get upgraded calipers in the form of Wilwood Dynalites that will be combined with the Alltrac rotors. Kyle realized that a big brake kit was absolutely mandated given the workouts the car was given every time he was on the track. The lighter yet larger calipers, combined with the larger brake pad area of the Dynalites and coupled with Carbotech XP20’s, should result in lower temperatures and better braking.
New for 2016 will be a Wilwood Big Brake Kit on the front and a much improved cat-back (including the cat) mandrel bent exhaust. Photo Credit: Stage Four Motorsports.

Kyle has NV Auto align the car to his own specifications. He hauls scales and gauges to the track with him in his trailer, so he can make track side adjustments when they are required. This street car, still licensed and used to get to and from the track, has a Sparco Grid seat, Sparco 215 steering wheel, NRG slim hub, NRG gen 2.5 quick release, and has a fully gutted interior. Scott at Can-Alignment fabricated a four point roll bar that is welded into place. Safety in the form of an Impact 6 point formula style camlock harness holds him steady. Residing in the trunk is an Odessa PC680 battery, to help balance the weight. To assist with his learning and improving at each track Kyle uses an AIM Solo lap timer. Of course, appearance cannot be overlooked and the aggressive front end comes from an Alltrac bumper cover combined with a homemade air dam. The GTS also has JDM front and rear corner lamps plus a 92-93 tail light conversion. The stereo that was installed during his high school years was sacrificed as part of a weight reduction program quite a while ago.

Beauty is more than skin deep. Kyle’s efforts are visible in all elements of the build of this 1990 Celica GTS. I’m looking forward to what 2016 will bring! Photo Credit: Stage Four Motorsports.

This Celica GTS has been thoughtfully built and, as a result, is an incredible performance vehicle. The classification structure of CASC OTA allows Kyle great head to head competition while also being able to fight it out for the overall win. 2014 saw a Touring 2 class win, Novice Championship, and 8th place overall. During the winter season Kyle applied himself to research. Tires, springs, sway bars, camber and castor – absorbing everything he read and combining it with what he had learned from Glenn, Abel (who unfortunately passed away in 2011), Dave Bailey (another oval track racer), and every other time attacker he was able to glean information from. The car was prepared as well as it could be for the 2015 season and Kyle won his class but, even better, was fighting for the overall spot all season long. When the dust cleared at the end of the season, Kyle finished 3rd overall with CASC OTA behind Mohamed Hussain and his immaculately prepared Honda CRX and first overall and first in SGT1 Michael Gardner in his beastly Nissan 350Z. In the OTA Shoot Out Kyle captured 2nd place. That was good, but first would be better! Stay tuned to the 2016 season. Kyle has his sights set on the overall championship. His buddy Dave has told him that more races are won in the shop than anywhere else, and Kyle probably spends more time in the shop preparing than anywhere else.

While most of the Eastern States were blanketed in snow, the Celica was out one cold Canadian winter evening for a photo shoot. There is a bit of snow present! Photo Credit: Stage Four Motorsports.

Nine years ago he had one of the coolest cars in the high school parking lot. Today he has one of the coolest cars in almost any race track paddock. If you do not think that a 110ish whp car is cool, you will likely change your mind when he is hounding you through the twisty sections of your favorite tracks!



Stage Four Motorsports

BC Racing

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Carbotech Performance Brakes*

Ontario Time Attack (CASC OTA)

*Disclaimer: I am an Authorized Dealer for Carbotech Performance Brakes.

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