Cheap Speed

Sentra SE-R Turbo

Cheap Speed

1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R
77,000 miles



This folks is about as cheap as speed gets.  The old saying goes “Speed is money, how fast do you want to go?”  Over the years I’ve spent plenty of money and had lots of fun with the car.  But, even the best chapters in life come to an end and the time has come to sell the “Classic.”

Turbo Sentra Engine
This picture was taken last week not 10 years ago.  This car has to be one of the most pristine of the original SE-R's left.  The reaction from most people who know nothing about these cars is “That's a SENTRA?”

The car has dynoed 366hp to the wheels at 18psi of boost.  We stopped at 18psi because the air flow was choking due to the small air-filter put on the car by F-Max when they built the kit.  With a larger air-filter this car should be in the mid 400hp range with more boost and a retune.  The turbo is over 70% efficient at 24psi of boost so there’s plenty of headroom for those brave enough to crank the boost.  Power at 11.6psi (wastegate spring) is 280hp to the wheels.  This car is not super laggy like other big turbo 4 cylinder cars.  Boost builds just under 3k RPM and makes 3psi at 3,000 RPM.  At 3200 the turbo makes 5psi and just after 4K RPM the car reaches the wastegate setting of 11.6psi.  Anything past half throttle in 1st and 2nd gear will spin the tires and at times 3rd gear will break loose at full throttle.

Turbo SE-R Interior
No rice in this interior.  Simple and mostly stock other than the boost gauge, Momo pedals, shift knob and old school Alpine head unit.  I also have a two pillar gauge pod that matches the gray A-pillar for the new owner.

Other than the first two years I owned the car it has never been a daily driver and has mostly sat in a garage, under a cover or both (the engine gets turned over about once a month).  I am the second owner and have had the car for the last 18 years.  The turbo system has about 7,000 miles on it.

Turbo SE-R Interior Passenger Side
No tears or cracks on this interior, no mystery stains.  Nobody ever eats in my cars.  The switch to arm the water injection is hidden under the ash tray.

The following items have been recently changed / replaced

  1. Drivers side axle with a high quality Raxles axle to replace torn CV boot
  2. Both front wheel bearings because the car sat in the garage so long
  3. The lower control arm end links were also replaced
  4. 4 quarts of Redline Heavy Shockproof when the CV boot was replaced
  5. Flushed the Koyo Radiator with 50/50 coolant/water mix and a bottle of Redline Water Wetter
  6. 4 fresh quarts of Mobile 1 Synthetic and a factory oil filter both of which I’ve always run on the car
  7. New rubber fuel lines front and rear with new fuel filter
  8. PIAA wiper blades


Turbo SE-R Backseat
This is where you put passengers you really wan't to scare the crap out of.  There's a rear strut tower brace behind those seats.


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