Checking out the New McLeod PTT Clutch Line

We were visiting McLeod clutches with Billy Johnson to discuss some of the nuances of a clutch for Project Retromod RX-7.   Here we are with our hosts drag racing greats Lisa and Gary Kubo who are McLeod employees. While we were there, we got to check out some of the production parts for McLeod’s new PTT clutch line.  McLeod is well known for making indestructible drag racing clutches and ultra-high-power capable clutches for drifting and road racing.  They are also well known for making super streetable clutches with incredible torque handling capability.

With the PTT line, McLeod will also start to be able to offer drag, road race, open wheel, prototype, and circle track-type super low inertia clutches much like the offerings from Tilton, AP, and Quartermaster.  Although they are low inertia, they will still have some of McLeod’s famous torque capacity and ease of driving smoothness.

PTT clutches are made to order as the clutch can be tailored to suit your needs and your driving style.  Here are Some of the parts to put together a custom PTT clutch.  The clutch diameters can be made from 7.25″, 5.5″to a super low inertia 4.5″ with the number of discs from 2-4.  The 4.5″ clutch has 56% less intertia than the 5.5″!

The amount of pressure plate clamping force, pedal effort, release point, and engagement speed can be precisely tailored with a PTT clutch.  Look at the huge array of different diaphragm springs that can be used to tune these characteristics for every diameter of clutch.

The clutch covers are designed for low intertia. This is a full cover with venting to reduce inertia and improve cooling of the discs.  For race-type bell housings with relocated starters, you can even get a reverse-mounted ring gear mounted on the clutch cover with a minimalistic flywheel for the ultimate in low inertia

This is the tiny pressure plate for the 4.5″ super low inertia clutch.  You might find this sort of clutch on an open-wheeler, modified, or sports prototype.

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