Chicago Auto Show 2014


It's pretty wild that you can get into the upper teens and low twenties for mpg with trucks of this size. You never have to worry about fighting for a spot in traffic since the shadows cast from these land yachts tell drivers of smaller vehicles to leave a wide berth. The down side is you will never get a parking spot close to anything.

Ford had a dyno set up and was doing dyno pulls with a random show goer in the passenger seat! I’ve seen this at outdoor events, but was pretty surprised to see it at an auto show.


I was looking forward to seeing the new Mustang in person. I typically like the Mustang, with my preference being the Fox bodies and the last (fifth) generation of Mustangs. Seeing the 2015 model in person did not help. From some angles it looks great, and from others, not so much.


The 2015 was not getting as much attention as the outgoing 2014 models as I walked by.

Toyota was pushing their off road prowess by showing all of their models on an indoor off road circuit. They also had some of their prototype TRD pickups on hand with gas pressurized shocks and reinforced frames.


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