Project Toyota Supra MKIV: Part 8 – Fuel and Engine breather systems

Our little 2JZ “engine that could” is coming right along.  Just an intake pipe and a couple of small engine dress-up details are all that's left!

Project Supra MKIV: Part 8 – Fuel and Engine Breather Systems

No plans to skimp on this 2JZ now!

by Pablo Mazlumian

If you’ve been following Project Supra, you’re probably wondering when we'll fire this engine up already.  With so many parts changed, this build not only takes a great deal of time, patience, and wife’s hard-earned money, but diligence is required to get everything featured as well. 

Add to that a momentary, yet rather large setback in November when my laptop fell carrying four unrecoverable articles-worth of pictures (my bad), and you can see how easy the weeks can build like cottage cheese, and before you know it we don’t fit into the same jeans anymore. 

We thank you for patience and interest thus far, and trust us when we say we’re almost there.  The car will be running very soon, but let us share some key components we've added, and why.

Today we’ll be discussing our fuel system, starting with our Walbro pumps that you see here nestled inside a PowerHouse Racing fuel pump hanger.

As important as the fuel pumps are the fuel injectors.  We’ll talk about why we chose FIC injectors.

PowerHouse Racing makes a few Supra-specific engine dress-up parts that also serve a function.  We’ll start by showing you their engine breather kit…

…as well as PHR’s Deluxe power steering reservoir relocation kit.


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