Project Toyota Supra MKIV: Part 8 – Fuel and Engine breather systems


Our FIC injectors are at home, secured by the Hypertune fuel rail.

MKC got to work on the rest of the fuel system using stainless steel braided -8 lines and black AN fittings to match our trick PHR engine breather and power steering reservoir relocation kit we’ll be discussing shortly.

While this car’s previous fuel rail system used a -10 line to feed the fuel rail and a -8 for the return, MKC decided to feed both fuel rail ends with -8 lines and return the fuel with -6 pictured in the center here.

Taking a closer look at the Powerhouse Racing engine breather kit, you can see a little bit of its proprietary internal baffling.  PHR wants its customers to know it isn’t simply an oil “catch can” but rather a true engine breathing system for high horsepower applications (although modestly modified Supras will benefit as well).

If you’re building a high-horsepower turbocharged car, consideration needs to be given to the potential crankcase pressure buildup.  Since the stock PCV valve is only 7mm in diameter, it may not be enough.  The -12 lines used by PHR triple the ventilation area, keeping the engine’s efficiency and, thus, horsepower, at an optimum level.


Any of you guys like Stereograms?  Try to blur the PHR logo and an MKC Mechanic’s face should pop out.

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