Project Toyota Supra MKIV: Part 8 – Fuel and Engine breather systems


The PHR engine breather canister fits perfectly in the back of the engine bay, and dresses it up quite nicely as well.

The PHR engine breather kit also comes with two -12AN weld-on fittings for the cam covers.  If you don’t have a TIG-weld service available to you that can do a good job on aluminum, PHR will also sell you polished cam covers with fittings already welded to them, minus a core refund of your original cam covers if applicable.  Considering the cam covers were polished prior to this, MKC did a nice job keeping the entire finish uniform.

The -12AN line and fitting gives the breather system a very clean look.

Here’s a view of the driver-side cam cover, which received the same treatment.

The PHR “Deluxe” power steering relocation kit is for cars running much larger intake manifolds, like our Supra’s beautiful Hypertune unit (see Part 5), that may cause too tight of a clearance for the factory reservoir.  Considering the rest of this Supra’s “polished” look, it also further adds some bling under the hood, and it uses a nicely done CNC machined screw cap.

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