Project Toyota Supra MKIV: Part 8 – Fuel and Engine breather systems


This Supar-specific breather kit is also the only one reportedly running a 100-micron filter inside to ward off unwanted particles that might enter the power steering pump.

The Deluxe power steering kit from PHR also includes a new power steering pump fitting to replace this one, which, as shown in a previous article, was going to pose a problem with our new Hypertune intake manifold.

Thankfully, it’s a 30-second install and all you have to remove is a 10-mm machine screw.

Speaking of our Hypertune intake manifold, MKC got a custom throttle cable to work with the Hypertune-supplied throttle cable wheel.

It’s a tight fit next to the manifold, but the PHR deluxe power steering reservoir clears it.  It looks nice and matches the rest of the polished look in the engine bay.

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