Chicago Auto Show 2014


Porsche had a pretty plain booth. No blaring music, no scantily clad women, and no extreme activities. Just some great product that looks like it needs a visit to the track.


The new Caymans are looking great. Very agressive.
And the 991 911 4S does the lineage proud.

Jaguar has really stepped up their game the last few years with the XJ and XK sedans, but they pale in comparison to the F-Type Coupe. This looks incredible at any angle, and Jaguar has a proper GT car again, rather than a donor needing an LS transplant. Hopefully they race them. I’d love to see one with the Astons, Ferraris, Porsches, BMWs, Vipers, McLarens, Audis, and Corvettes. It’s about the only brand without a GT racing program, Including Bentley.


More lottery tickets needed…

Unfortunately, I didn’t do myself any justice and only budgeted a few hours for the show, when I could have spent all day doing test drives. Next time…


Running to the parking lot, I got to see one of Mazda's Diesel P2s that is competing in the new USCC, as well as Cadilliac's Elmiraj concept.

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