Christa’s 2013 Ride- 2013 Top Kart Twister


The airbox inlets are restrictors to help limit the power.  All airboxes must be homologated for the class.
The pipe is also a controlled spec item, only the factory expansion chamber is allowed.  Like most kart racing classes the engines must remain to stock spec.  Only gearing changes are allowed.
Our version of the PRD is the latest one with the easy start ignition.  It uses this crank trigger on a super lightweight tiny flywheel.  The PRD is a TAG engine.  All TAG engines have to be capable of onboard self starting. This is currently making TAG a very popular class since the driver can now start their own kart. You can see the starter motor here.
The master power and start buttons are mounted to the cowling.
The battery and electronic modules are mounted opposite the engine with the radiator.  This helps offset the weight of the engine and allows the driver to be more centered in the chassis.
The Twister has a full floating, ventilated two piston rear brake mounted to the live axle.  Everything back there is CNC machined billet aluminum or magnesium.

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