Christa’s 2013 Ride- 2013 Top Kart Twister



christa kojima 2013 top kart twister
Christa’s Top Kart is a little shorter in wheelbase than our other full size karts (by about 20mm).  This shorter length improves weight distribution for younger and shorter drivers.
christa kojima top kart
The Twister uses cast magnesium wheels.  On more powerful karts these are preferable to the flexy spun wheels that work better in lower powered classes.
Christa kojima
It is fun helping your kids learn how to drive better and be involved in Motorsports.  Hopefully this kart will see Christa competitively through her teens if she doesn’t grow too tall or get too heavy and serve as a steppingstone into cars if she wants to later.  If she excels with this kart we have a 125cc CRG shifter ready for her to drive.
christa kojima
Christa through the years, at 8 years old, her first 50cc Emick kart was given to her by Jay Morris of Ground Control Inc. after his kids had outgrown it.  This is her first time on the track at Cal Speedway. She quickly outgrew this kart and never raced Kid’s Class.  I wish I had known that she was going to like this, I would have started her sooner.
christa kojima
By 9 Christa was driving this 2006 Top Kart Cadet chassis with a 100cc HPV engine.  She could race this until 12.  Christa had a lot of fun in this kart and really learned a lot about driving.  I also learned a lot about kart setup and the kart is pretty well developed now.  She still fits this kart well but unfortunately the rules won’t let her drive it anymore once she turns 12.  Now it’s time to start over again.


You can read about her old kart here!


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