Christa’s 2013 Ride- 2013 Top Kart Twister


The side near bars float on bushings and are held in with springs so they do not stiffen the chassis.  You do have the option to use bolts if you need the additional stiffness.
The front is adjustable for track, caster, camber and Ackerman.  All are important in controlling wheel lift during cornering.  Caster and camber are adjusted by changing pills in the top spindle mount.
These pedal extenders are used so Christa can properly operate the brake and throttle.  The floor of the kart is also tunable.  These bolts allow for adjusting how much tension the floorboard can contribute to the chassis. We run them full stiff.
The billet master cylinder has an adjustable pedal ratio so you can greatly change the brake feel and boost.
A datalogging AIM Micron 4 digital dash is used.  It logs lap times, GPS track map, coolant temp, rpm and has provisions for two other channels that we are not currently using.
This is the IR sensor for the track beacon to sync lap times.  Most kart tracks in our area use IR sensing.

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