Chumpcar: Calabogie Motorsports Park


Wendy Edwards is in charge of Business Operations and Registration. In fact, she’s in charge of everything. I don't think that there's been one question that she hasn't been able to answer – and I ask a lot of questions! Saturday night Perry Auto Performance sponsored an awesome BBQ for everyone, and the person behind the BBQ (inset) all day was Wendy. What an amazing way to end off a day of racing.
The track is state of the art. The buildings are also. This is a world class facility. If you cannot haul your car to the track, call them. They have rentals like the red Mustang shown available for your use. CMP has a huge solar panel array on their newest building as they give back to the environment.
Race Control has a great view of Turn 1 and Turn 20. Beyond that they have to rely upon the reports received from the corner marshals. The building on the left is just one year old and the roof is a giant solar panel array. Congratulations to CMP for building this amazing track but also for having the wisdom to reduce their carbon footprint.
Chris Thompson is the North Region Technical guru. When readers of my previous article mentioned a safety concern, I shared that with Sal, Wendy, and Chris. Chris took it that week to a Nationwide ChumpCar technical crew discussion.

It is easy to build a race car. All it takes is time, money, expertise, and lots of friends. As the technical inspector the biggest challenge that Chris faces is car owners who have not read the rule book while building their car. It does not matter what series you participate in, know the book inside and out. We can guarantee that the technical inspector does! Chris was not checking out car #86, the team with which we had so much fun driving with at The Glen. They arrived at CMP for the event but it was not meant to be. After several valiant attempts to keep the car moving, it had to be loaded back onto the trailer as a new engine will be required. Great effort and see you next time.


Metric Homes Racing has built an amazing 1992 BMW 325i. They joined ChumpCar last year and this year, after a solid showing at Watkins Glen, they placed fourth here at Saturday's race (running most of the afternoon with a transmission stuck in fourth gear), and they won Sunday's race. CMP is their home track.

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