Chumpcar: Calabogie Motorsports Park


By working closely together, the Fire & Rescue team, Marshals, and ChumpCar organizers kept the race moving by limiting full course yellows. Of course, the driver's all helped by avoiding incidents. Here Richard is giving some directions to ensure the flow of the race yet also everyone's safety. On the right is Glenn, one of the Marshals who also works in Race Control.

Our team was mixed again about this next corner, 4 Left (16) with half of our driver’s lifting to settle the car and half staying flat in fourth gear. Everyone agreed that 17 (Quarry One), 18 (Watts Up) and 19 (Wicked) was an awesome corner series where we all felt that our Miata could take as fast as anyone and faster than most. By braking deep into Quarry One we were able to set up many great passes. I also had to say Watts Up a time or two as, pushing hard to make passes, I moved faster than my talent was prepared for and ended up on the grass (but I caught and made my pass within two laps!)


The Spoon was taken flat, shifting the Miata into fourth just prior to the corner. 4 Left was also flat and carrying as much speed as possible into Quarry One.
That's the Spoon at the upper top left, 4 Left in the middle at the top, and Quarry One (Turn 17) at the bottom. From an action perspective, the Marshals reported Quarry One as the busiest corner. Most of our team's drivers took a mid to inside line entering Quarry One.
Here you have Turn 18 (Watts Up) and Turn 19 (Wicked). Most cars began a nice drift at the end of Watts Up and all of the way through Wicked. There wasn't even time to straighten up, as it was time to toss the car into a drift to the left through Wilson's and onto the front straight.
Another angle of Watts Up and Wicked (which is very tight) and you also see Pit In.
Turn 20 was a fast left but don't carry too much speed or you'll be off track and hoping luck is on your side!

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