Chumpcar: Calabogie Motorsports Park


ChumpCar competitors and organizers take great pride in their organization, their cars, and their teams. John Condren, the Chief Chump, has commented that there are 12 000 racers participating in ChumpCar across North America. That is a lot of racing. There is a great deal of support for each other and that is seen on track also. But, it is racing and there is no doubt that a cloud of red mist will come over drivers who are chasing that victory, even if it is simply the pride of knowing that you passed that car that has already lapped you two or three times! The intensity of the racing is evident on the track and also on pit row. But the intensity of the camaraderie is also evident. While one car may block your pass (unintentionally, of course. The fact that it happens for two or three laps running may get bothersome) the next may give you ground and a point by. Missing something on pit row that is essential to getting your car out and running – you can be sure that the team beside you will loan it to you.


The Mopar4Life Neon is all business and it sports the wear and tear of multiple endurance races. Under the skin, it is pristine and in race ready condition. Here M4L was closing in on Thibault Performance’s #743 Honda.
There are no extras in this Neon. It is all business. The full cage is mandatory as is the fire suppression system. What you don't see is the rally style scoop mounted just above the driver's head – what a great way to cool down during a hot race weekend!

We will get back to the cars in a couple of pages, now it is time to tell you about this amazing road course that I know most of you have never heard about before. As you know, I have a love for Canadian race tracks simply because I am Canadian and also because I have not traveled too far in my racing career. Even so, I know that Calabogie Motorsports Park is a 'Must Drive'


Looking for Calabogie Motorsport Park? Head north to cottage and ski country. If you love golfing as much as racing, there’s an outstanding Golf Course just minutes from the track. Calabogie is about an hour drive west of Ottawa and just over four hours drive North-East of Toronto.
Parts of the drive will be almost as exciting as the track itself. Calabogie Motorsport Park is relatively new. In this age of frequent track closings, it just opened in 2006.

The Full Course is 5.05 kilometres (3.138 miles) long with awesome straights and amazing corners. Since it is in the middle of cottage country, you will understand that the scenery is beautiful and a track walk (with lots of bug repellant) is an absolute must. The track buildings and facilities are outstanding. This is only my second visit here (my first was ages ago in 2008) and I am going to make sure that I am not away this long again. If you are already questioning if it is worth the drive then you probably will not hear me when I say it is, so rather than me chattering on about how amazing this course is, how about you take a look at some pictures and the track map. I think it will help you decide that Calabogie has to be on your bucket list!


The straights are amazing and the corners are a driver’s delight. This course is smooth and challenging. You will not get tired of driving it – but I guarantee you will be both exhausted and wearing a huge grin after your session.

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