Ciao Bella: Part 1 – Italian F1 GP, V.Rossi’s GP bike, Alfa Giulia, and Magneti Marelli stuff!


The Alfa Giulia is coming Stateside! With a promised 50/50 weight distribution and 503 BHP from its twin turbocharged V6, it’s going after the likes of Mercedes and BMW.

Here’s a rear three-quarter view of the beast.  By the time it gets to us, we’re looking a price tag in the neighborhood of $75k when it’s all said and done.  Let’s take a look at some details.

Like many of the new high-performance cars, side splitters are seen on the Giulia as well, only these are carbon fiber and don’t go the length of the car.

More carbon fiber accenting to the exterior is found on the trunk spoiler, which on a white car looks great (because it’s factory—everyone will think it looks stupid if you do this yourself). 

If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written for MotoIQ, you know I can’t get enough diffuser action.  And the Alfa’s tall-finned unit leaves nothing to be desired.  It looks stunning in person, and it gives off that hint to unsuspecting motorists that there may be something else going on with this otherwise unassuming sedan.

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